About the initiative
Helping underprivileged children studying in the SES high school (a nonprofit school in India) by providing devices to the students so they can continue education through the online platform. Also bringing them an online platform CRI.AI by Partnering with Suraaga Technologies.
Initiative by: Raaga Suravarapu (Oakridge International School student)
Being able to continue online learning or having access to the numerous resources online could give a student a new perspective making them aware of the diverse possibilities. It also helps them think big and target goals that make a difference in their life and the community around them. Education not only adds value to a student's life but value to an entire society. For a student, education is a tool that helps them understand their rights and responsibilities towards their society and community. I am able to afford schooling, technology, and various resources while many students cannot. They are unable to adapt to the changes that we can such as moving towards a digital future. This is why helping these children gain access to online classes and quality education is a small step that will have a big impact.

After interviewing the students (target community) we understand what they need. The students are currently attending online classes 6/7 students we interviewed were attending online classes which is good. However, a lot of them are missing online classes regularly as they dont have a device of their own. Hence, using someone else's mobile phones isn't always available when they need it. There is a lack of access to devices for attending online classes. Another issue is that the students don't speak English as they are not taught good english at their school and we also want to help them with their basic english communication skills.
1. Fundraising
Conducting a fundraiser to raise enough money to buy phones for the school so they continue their online classes, also providing teachers with necessary sources.

2. Spreading awareness
Regarding the issue through blog writing as well as social media platforms

3. Access to one of the applications for the students to help improve their English communication skills that are required today.
Through fund raising I was able to collect approximately $1000, that was used to buy devices for the school
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Our partners
Our technology partner, Suraaga Technologies Pvt. Ltd, helps us support non-profit schools in enabling digital learning through their learning experience platform: CRI.AI. Click on the logos below to know more about our partner and their product.